Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bigfoot Hand On Craigslist - Say What?

This is a new one. A bigfoot hand shows up on Craigslist. I guess you really can find anything you want on there. Brenton Sawin provides the details:


  1. That belongs to Iktomi Joe. He lost it when he spanked his monkey too long.

    1. Got monkey spanking suit Haints ?


  2. What the?

    That's my hand! I lost it years ago in a freak kayaking accident! How did it end up on Craigslist? They told me it went to the hospital incinerator!

  3. I actually took some time to listen to this while I was doing some work here at the house. First of all we start off with a commercial plug for a flashlight which goes on for over 5 minutes. Next is a plea for donations (times are tough) and then we finally get into the main content. First up is speculation over a (Bigfoot?) hand on Craigslist and whether it could possibly be real. Now think about it - you find a hand by the roadside and it looks unhuman. Do you (a) go to the law authorities (b) head off to the nearest university or state wildlife office or (c) go to the media with your exciting discovery? No of course not, you put it on Craigslist because it's fake and you want to make money on it.

    Now we get to the dogman stories. Of course we get no names, no specific location, no evidence, nothing to back it up except for Brenton saying he receives them from people who feel they must share these.

    Now honestly - what good are these? ANYONE could make one of these up. I've read enough of these stories I could make a convincing one myself. Of course there is always the "I know what I saw" statement like that gives more credence to the story. As Brenton read the story with all the misspellings he said "I could tell the guy was nervous as he was typing" - LOL. To end the show we get an EXACT repeat of the flashlight commercial plug again along with the plea for money just in case we didn't get it the first time.

    I think I'll skip future installments of Brenton Sawin's show if this is the norm.

  4. I heard Biscardi fell on hard times but this takes the cake! Man oh man Haints does this mean you can't play fan boy to him anymore? Do you have to pay your own way when he goes out searching on the road for BF? Sad just sad to see Haints hero fall down so low. Wonder if Haints will go after Todd Standing and dig him up to become his fan boy? He's still young enough with plenty of years to dupe the BF field.

  5. I have the preserved cock of John Holmes for sale. Sorry Rictor you don't have enough money to buy it. Let me know if you want to buy it. Thanks! Alex MW!