Sunday, June 12, 2016

Three True Bigfoot Stories You've Never Heard Before

From the Dark Waters youtube channel:

Bigfoot Bonanza, Dogman Vs Bigfoot. Tonight Dark Waters presents three Bigfoot stories unlike anything ever heard on Youtube. Bigfoot save a California Fire Fighter extracting him from his wrecked vehicle and caring him to safety.

Next Bigfoot Attacks a camper leaving him terrified almost destroying his RV and steals his fish. These events forced the land owner to sell his property.

Finally, two fisherman witness the clash between Dogman and Bigfoot. This battle of the beasts takes place on the shore of a lake in Alberta Canada , stunned the two watch as these creature fight and tumble into the water. Only one walks away alive , can you guess who wins. I think you will be surprised.


  1. Translation: More made up Bigfoot stories.

    1. Please stop pretending you're a skeptic. What you're practicing is called self preservation. You want to believe it exists, but play the skeptic until the real evidence rolls in. That way you are not disappointed, and can still tell everyone how justified your feelings are as a "skeptic". These actions are normally seen in children of single parent families, that feel their opinions were never heard. They play this weird role play game seeking attention.

    2. Wow - so you BELIEVE a Bigfoot rescued a firefighter from his wrecked vehicle? You BELIEVE a Bigfoot destroyed an RV? You BELIEVE a Dogman and Bigfoot fought a battle to the death? I guess the crap you posted above isn't much of a stretch for you.

    3. I BELIEVE that I could really satisfy a sexy bloke right now !


    4. ...and I believe you could Joe ... I believe you could.

    5. ...Cryptozoology abhors a vacuum, unfortunately..With little going on, this blog can only find these redundant podcasts,sites and channels all doing the same thing: relaying any made up childishness they come across...LAME...


  2. "True" bigfoot stories we've never heard before. Oh yeah, they sound legitimate to me. Especially the one about the clash between Dogman and Bigfoot. That one just has to be true.