Tuesday, June 7, 2016

North Carolina Men Startled By Two Bigfoot Creatures

From cryptozoologynews.com:
Two North Carolina men on Sunday said that they came upon two Bigfoot-like creatures in Guilford County.
“That’s when I saw it. Crouched down by the creek maybe 40 yards away. My friend, startled to say the least, started to get up when the other one stepped out of the thicket on the creek side. A feeling came over me unlike no feeling I’ve ever felt,” said Coleman. “It was instant fear. My heart was pounding and I was trembling.”

According to the eyewitness, one of the creatures “casually walked” to meet the one crouching by the creek. The two men sat there, waiting for the animals to leave. Finally, he says, they went down the creek.

“One of them was bigger than the other. I didn’t notice this until the one crouched stood up. The taller one stopped frequently to look around. When we couldn’t see or hear them anymore, we tore down through the woods to my truck and left.”

For the full article, click here.


  1. Replies
    1. All i wanna do is chill with Joe Joe
      And then hit the fool twice with my yo low
      Make him savor that sweat taste
      Serve him hot, put him in his place

      And when i finally see him
      Im gonna give it to him on his chin
      Yeah pin stripe down his fat face
      Gonna Joerg him hard
      Win that race


    2. ^ You are one pathetic, sick MF.

    3. He thinks he's being attacked by a psy-ops experiment from a US airforce base, and that multiple posters around here are party to it. I have the links and direct quotes to prove it.

      He's not playing with a full deck. It's odd how Bigfoot is the only fringe topic where its "skeptics" are more demented and obsessed than its "believers".

    4. ^ collector of blog posts...not deluded or obsessed much

    5. Collector of psuedosceptical souls, more like.

  2. Joe got exposed yesterday.

    When asked if he donated to utah sasquatch he said he did not "cough up" the money.

    The phrase "cough up" is almost exlusively used when talking about payment for a scam.

    By using the term "cough up" joe has implicitly shown via freudian slip that he knows utah sasquatch (and the wider bigfoot community) is a scam.

    Blown the fu ck out.

    1. 2:37...delusional !! As usual.

    2. cough something up (or cough up)
      phrasal verb of cough
      give something reluctantly, especially money or information that is due or required.
      "the company coughed up $40 m. in settlement of the legal claims"
      synonyms: pay, pay up, pay out; More
      come up with, hand over, part with, defray the cost of;
      foot the bill, settle up;
      informalfork out, shell out, dish out, lay out, come across with;
      informalstump up;
      informalmake with, ante up, pony up
      "the tenants refused to cough up the rent"

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