Friday, June 3, 2016

Man Talks About Bigfoot Encounter That Left Him With PTSD

A bigfoot encounter can be a traumatizing event, more so for some than others.
From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search:

Roy has has several Bigfoot encounters which made an impression on him. The last Sasquatch encounter Roy had was so close it left him with PTSD.


  1. Are bigfoots able to identify the make and model of cameras in order to deduce the focal length of the lense such that they stay just out of focal range every single time? If they avoid technology as footers claim why are there videos where people claim there is a bigfoot being filmed but its just out of focal range? Why dont the technology avoiding bigfoots just completely avoid people with cameras full stop?

  2. Dr Johnson is about to get BLOWN THE FU CK OUT by rictor smeja and dyer.

    Got to love the bigfoot circus.

    1. You get BTFO every time you wake up in the morning man.

  3. I was left with PTSD after watching the video.