Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Man and Pregnant Girlfriend Attacked By Alien Humanoid

From cryptozoologynews.com:
A man says he and his pregnant girlfriend were attacked by a unknown humanoid they said came out of a UFO in the southwestern part of the borough of Brooklyn.

“All of a sudden, the sand on the beach rolled up like a wave and then some craft, all black, was above us,” the man said, adding that they were not able to run, as he implied that the “bright light” was paralyzing the couple.

“We couldn’t move… I could see people walking past in my peripheral vision. My girlfriend was up with tears in her eyes.”

That’s when the eyewitness says the “humanoid figure” showed up, stepping behind the woman.

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  1. Replies
    1. The pseudosceptics around here are so odd. They have so many rhetorical methods and so many questions, yet when someone asks them to substantiate a hundreds year old conspiracy of liars and hoaxers... Nothing is forthcoming?

      Hmmmmmmm... ????

    2. ^ cor futt me,futt me ,dass a bit rich acummin frum a welsh weezul boy o` dem valleez,cor futt me futt me.

    3. 2:29, it will be nice when all your evidence allows Bigfoot to no longer be a fringe topic.

    4. It's not the quality of evidence that's rendering it a fringe topic... But why obsess, it's just a fringe topic?

    5. I'm not obsessed. Your perceptive abilities seen lacking.

    6. Iktomi = "border-line" rather than fringe.

    7. Spending most your day everyday telling people on the internet they are wrong to be enthusiastic about "Bigfoot"? You're trying to fool who?