Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hawk Freaks Out On Florida Bigfoot Hunter

Two things are very apparent in this video.

1. There is a hawk.

2. So said hawk is very upset that Tim Fasano is there.


  1. Hell, I would be upset if Tim Fasano was near. Can't hate the hawk on that one.

  2. Tim Fasano is the Jane Goodall of Skunk Ape research. He's a true ambassador to the species.

  3. An HD digital video camera requires a perceptible but short few moments to fill a few frames of CCD data, adjust focus and gamma and other parameters then actually shift the data onto the memory card.

    When information is moving laterally (from shaking or panning or tilting) past the CCD the camera never catches up and the resultant image data is hopelessly blurred and useless.

    It takes so much effort to get out into the field and there is, I think, considerable risk involved.

    To undertake all of that effort and to assume all of that risk without bothering to learn how to handle the damned camera is a special condition that has a name around here. Ignorance.

  4. The hawk was telling the skunk ape that T-FATS was close and to keep the Sasquatch food hidden. So Timbo wouldn't take it all back to his cab.