Saturday, May 7, 2016

Possible Female Bigfoot Scream Audio

From the CryptoWatch youtube channel - 
The Crypto Files - Bigfoot Scream
This is a special episode of The Crypto Files. In this episode, we feature a recently recorded primal scream. The scream was recorded by the bigfooting duo of Corey and Tye. They have been researching bigfoot and other cryptids in the state of Iowa for a long time now. They have documented various pieces of evidence over the years. The duo thinks this particular scream was made by a female bigfoot.


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    1. ^
      Hi ISF'er. Why are there so many pathological liars in your tiny little sub culture ?

    2. Possible Female Dogman. Not a bigfoot.

      Hope this helps.

  2. It's creepy how the ISF'ers hang out here all day and night suckling on the teats of Joe and DWA. The ISF'ers must be desperate and lonely losers.

    1. Hey mate, would you fancy listening to audio of me screaming as I'm getting shagged?