Sunday, May 15, 2016

News Interview With Minnesota Bigfoot Researchers

Researchers Abe Del Rio and Dan McLaughlin were interviewed by Fox 21 about their quest to find bigfoot. Both are veteran researchers and members of the MNBRT, Minnestoa Bigfoot Research Team.

On a quiet, sunny afternoon in a thick Minnesota forest, Abe Del Rio and Dan McLaughlin trudge through muddy soil and fallen branches.

They’re deep in the forest, but it’s a forest they’ve been through many times.

“I love it here, y’know? It’s beautiful here. It’s peaceful here,” Del Rio remarks.

These guys do indeed love the outdoors, but they’re not just hikers out for exercise.
No. They have much bigger goals.

They’re seeking the Sasquatch.

Yes. They’re serious.

“You’re dealing with something that can outrun you, out-swim you, out maneuver you, definitely,” Del Rio says. “It’s a good, clean, scary challenge.”

For the full article and video, click here. 


  1. What this has to do with Dogman I will never know.

    1. Is it cruel of me to belittle and humiliate Joetomi so
      much? I'm beginning to feel a little guilty about it.

    2. no it is quite normal 12:32. Continue doing what you have been doing, and maybe even increase the trolling level. Best to you my brother in arms.

  2. I went to Minnesota for two weeks 10 years in a row. Lake Carlos near Alexandria. Never saw a bigfoot but the smallmouth and walleye more than made up for it. However that's not enough to cancel out Jesse Ventura and Stuart Smally. Effing weirdos...