Sunday, May 1, 2016

If You've Never Heard Of The "Batsquatch", Get Ready For The Fright Of Your Life!

Batsquatch? Yeah, I said it. I can hear the sound of your eyes rolling at the thought. Yeah, it sounds funny to you. There's no such thing as a "batsquatch". Right? WRONG! What could possibly make a bigfoot more terrifying? How about a bigfoot with giant batwings? Good luck sleeping tonight.


  1. Earth to dim bulbs , If you have been posting on this blog more than 2 yrs than you would know who the the heck Joe (Iktomi) F ,,, is !!,Such a no brainer! haww haww lol!

  2. This really isn't that fetched. A couple years back, a very prominent geneticist and habituation researcher, Dr. Melba Ketchum, conducted one of the most comprehensive DNA studies of Sasquatch.

    She found evidence of "angelic DNA" possibly attributable to the nephilim, the descendants of fallen angels who mated with homo sapien women. Sasquatches were the ultimate genetic offspring of these matings. Now, if bigfoot is the descendent of human-angel couplings, what does that say about the possibility of bat squatch (I hate the name; it is too easily dismissed by scofftics because of the unfortunate connotation with characters like batman).

    Human civilizations throughout history have had some understanding of "demonic" beings. These beings are often depicted with bat wings. If it is possible that angels mated with women to produce nephilim which were evolutionary precursors of bigfoot, it is also possible that demons could mate with human women, and the evolutionary process results in a type of Sasquatch figure with rudimentary type "bat wings." Genetically, even if it sounds far fetched, it is actually quite plausible scientifically.

    1. YES! YES! Let's have more of that bat-shit crazy nephilim talk! I love that stuff!

    2. The bible say's they mated with woman and with the animals.

      There all neph. There is a mix of DNA. THERE FAR MORE KNOWLEGEBAL ON DNA THAN ANY HUMAN.

      Understand the mixing from thier perspective, and you get all these creatures, uh-oh!

      Dino's, huh?

      Chineas had "Dragon" recipes by the 1oo's, huh? Why would you have a recipe to eat something you had never seen --------------------------------------------------------------------------- well, you wouldn't, would you!!!!!

    3. Just about every culture here on Earth has some legend of flying-type of humanoid.How can they be dismissed when they are seen so frequently by upstanding and average citizens? Sure people look for the obviously easy answers instead of the hardest because that would mean there really is a GOD and then they really would be held accountable for their actions. Like it or not, there are several ancient religious texts that describe these creatures as being the products of sexual liasons between Angels and human women. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to read the books of the Bible to see that the creatures that are mentioned in its pages are still here on Earth and are very much alive and still interacting among humans to this day.

      From Wikipedia
      Angels in all Abrahamic religions
      Alkonost, Gamayun, and Sirin from Russian mythology
      The winged gods Anzu/Zu, Siris, and Lammasu/Shedu from Mesopotamian mythology
      The Ekek in Philippine mythology is depicted as a humanoid with bird wings and a beak
      The Faravahar of Zoroastrianism
      The Garuda, eagle-man mount of Vishnu in Hindu mythology, was pluralized into a class of bird-like beings in Buddhist mythology
      The gods Horus and Thoth from Ancient Egyptian mythology were often depicted as humans with the heads of a falcon and an ibis, respectively.
      Huitzilopochtli, the "left-handed hummingbird"; god of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan
      Karura in Japanese folklore
      Lei Gong, a Chinese thunder god, often depicted as a Garuda-like bird man
      The second people of the world in Southern Sierra Miwok mythology, as reported by Barrett
      Hermes and its counterpart Mercury in Greek and Roman mythology are usually depicted with sandals and a helm with wings on it, and sometimes also with bird-like wings
      Nike, Boreas, Eros and the Gorgon sisters from Greek mythology are all depicted with birdlike wings. Also the Sirens and Harpies were often represented as half-human half- bird.
      Tangata manu of Easter Island, often depicted as a Frigate bird/Human hybrid
      Valkyrie, and possibly connected with the Fylgja of Norse mythology

    4. Troll Killer, you said "The bible say's they mated with woman and with the animals."
      The Bible says Nothing, about mating with animals.

    5. The book of Jubilees Chapter 7, Genesis 6:4. These two books, as well is the book of jasher speak of the Abominations that came from the Nephilim mating with humans. you may have to do some research but all of these books speak of them. they are there

    6. oops I'm sorry I meant to say animals and humans. They talk about the meeting with the animals and the birds and the fish at cetra and creating other Abominations.

  3. A batsquatch lifted up one side of a small jeep in about 2007, in Southern Oregon, with an experienced Bigfoot researcher sitting inside. And then he dropped it.

  4. How bad does this blog suck? So bad.