Thursday, May 12, 2016

Climbers Hear Horrifying Scream

Climbers mystified by ‘bloodcurdling screaming’
People talk about bloodcurdling screaming and for the first time I understood. That noise sent a stream of cold blood around my veins and chilled the back of my neck.

My first thought was simple but terrible: I was listening to someone who had just watched a loved one – not simply a climbing partner, but a loved one – fall to their death. There was so much pain and loss in that dreadful noise.

I froze for a moment, barely breathing, still perched on that vertical wall. I wasn’t in a secure position, hanging off a few millimetres of metal hooked into the ice. At that moment I just wanted to be gone – off the climb, off the mountain.
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    1. For dear dear FFS! FFS! Sweet sweet FFS! FFS! Lovely lovely FFS! FFS! Tender tender FFS! FFS! Delightful, delightful FFS! FFS!

  2. This has happened to me once before. I was hiking through the Sequoia National Park when I heard the most terrifying blood curdling scream I has ever heard. It seemed to go on forever. It took me a moment to realize that the sound was not coming from around me; it was in my mind. A Sasquatch was mentally unleashing a terrified scream of agony directly into my head via mindspeak. I began to run. Soon I stumbled upon a mother Sasquatch. She was with a juvenile Sasquatch, that could only have been her son. The juvenile Sasquatch had attempted to open a portal. This is an incredibly important rite of passage for juvenile squatches marking their ultimate turn into adulthood, when they can open their own portals rather than having to rely on the portal of their parents. But something went horribly wrong for this young Sasquatch. While he opened a portal out of our world, I could see that it didn't seem to go anywhere. I did not see the squatch world on the other side, it was like a door into nothingness. The juvenile's eyes bugged out in terror as it tried to take control of the portal, but it was too late. The portal began to suck in air and twigs and stones like water circling a drain. The juvenile squatch was pulled Into the portal and snapped shut. The mama squatch roared with anguish and fury. Her screams shook the trees and brough lightning down from the heavens. I could only imagine the horror: her beloved squatch son, twirling endlessly in the void between worlds, sucked into a doorway with no exit and no entrance. It was terrifying.