Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Witness Laughed At Idea Of Bigfoot Before Her Encounter

From Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio:

Melissa Cabic

Before she had her encounter, tonight's guest, Melissa Cabic, would have probably laughed, if you told her you had seen a Sasquatch. That all changed, the day she was coming home, from work and had an experience that changed her outlook on whether they exist or not.

Tune in to her Melissa talk about her encounter and other Sasquatch related experiences.


  1. Witness Laughed At Idea Of Bigfoot Before Her Encounter.

    After her alleged "encounter," she laughed at the fools like Iktomi Joe and the Superfools who believed her story.

    1. I've been laughed at many times mate and I can tell you that it's an awful experience !


  2. It's hard, acknowledging that the majority of your life has been sadly misspent...whether it's bigfoot, or a woman, or a job,..whatever it is you wanted to find...give it up. You'll be dead pretty soon.