Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Yorker Claims He's Interacted With Bigfoot For Several Years

From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search:

Bigfoot in the New York area is something I never thought of. Sasquatch has been leaving signs around Dave's cabin in New York for several years now. Does this Bigfoot creature communicate with sticks and other items? Come here Dave from NY tell about the Sasquatch in New York that has lived around his cabin and interacted with he and his wife for several years now.


  1. Wow is all i can say.
    I never imagined the outpouring of well wishes and pleading for me to return.
    Given that, i have decided to ignore the trolls and will be rescheduling my meeting
    with Art, keith, Heather and myself.

    I have given Art the O.K. to acknowlegde me publicly on this board.
    I am not a joke, I am not somone to be mocked. I am important.

    Although my relationship goes back many many years, i will not allow the "trolls" to
    deter me and my fellow bell gabers from getting this radio show back on the rails.

    thanks again, it is TRULY overwhelming.


    1. Bobo you always had my support!

      My faith in you never waived.

      I'm not important at all, but wish much success.

      Thank You, for not leaving us!

    2. Bobo17,
      I apologize for how some other (unimportant) Bellgabbers are treating you.
      The true Bellgabber, known as a "truegab", is first and foremost, a hospitable soul.
      I thank you for letting us know of your upcoming meeting with Art, and for being magnanimous in forgiving us.

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    4. Bellgabber, Lol ,gotta love it!

  2. He's from Jersey. And an alkie to boot.

  3. Does this guy also look for communications from bigfoot encrypted in newspaper stories? This guy's den must be covered wall to wall with articles and black marker.

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