Friday, April 15, 2016

Bigfoot Researcher Talks About The Traumatizing Hobby

From the youtube channel of Crypto Reality:

Scary Bigfoot encounters effect you to your core. Real footage From several different Bigfoot encounters/tracks and audio of Florida Bigfoot from team Crypto Reality. As you'll see, encountering/researching Bigfoot is traumatic-Be careful what you ask for is the message here for those who want to encounter or research Bigfoot for themselves.


  1. Imo mark and melanie, and researcher randy savig who does audio research up around Missouri are putting out the highest quality evidence of anyone posting their work on the Web. In addition to producing entertaining and informative content, they are good, kind people who always respond to questions and comments regarding their work. They aren't grand standing snooty know it all attention whores, but rather they are tenacious gutsy folks who are out in the middle of the woods getting bug bit, investing time and effort and money into their research, taking chances to get to the bottom of this subject, and sharing it with all of us. Bravo guys....looking forward to what the future holds.

    1. I wish Mark was into guys. He's so hot.

  2. The bird brains need to learn the difference between "effect" and "affect."

  3. Have to agree with Jeffro. If it were possible to run old skool reel-to-reel cameras at the numbers these guys do, this would be a done deal. Digital video just does not have the quality of film reel. But these guys are most definitely filming Sasquatches. Good work. Great work actually

  4. Ok pass over the doobie you dudes are smokin. Maybe if I hit it hard I!ll see what you all are supposedly seeing. Either that or you guys have literally lost your marbles. In which case double up on the Lithium and you won't see bigfoot every time you look around.

  5. How about someone up thread wipe the jizz off their face, keep that behind closed doors, think of the children folks!