Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bigfoot Looks Through Window Video Review

In 2015, a strange video hit the Internet claiming to show a bigfoot peeking into the window of a home. The person who posted the video claimed they had set up the camera to see what was stealing fruit from their tree. The Paranormal Review takes a look at the footage, and does some enhancing to give us a better look at what's going on. Check it out:


  1. Yet another in a long line of bigfoot BS hoaxes.

  2. This video is so ridiculously fake why would a 'breakdown' be necessary?

  3. The lighting on the (poorly done) CGI image is non-existent. There would be some illumination from the right, and with highlights from the back (in other words, you would see hair/detail that is illuminated from the rear and right. A basic 3-point light set-up illustrates this perfectly). ANYBODY that believe this is real needs to get their head examined - including this moron who actually gave this video legitimacy by doing an analysis.