Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bigfoot Causes Drama On The Internet

The fine folks over at the Crypto Blast pose an interesting question; Is bigfoot mindspeak causing all the Internet drama? One thing is for sure, bigfoot invokes strong emotions and opinions from people.

Is Bigfoot Mindspeak the cause of all the fighting in Bigfoot groups on Facebook?


  1. Replies
    1. Will you be my "girl" Jotomi ?

    2. ^ nah - he`s already given himself to a big-boner "n i g n o g"

  2. i guess bigfoot is actively mindspeakin` at this blogsite and the cause of all "da trubble" -

    or mebbe t`is just that berk "Joe the Tomi" fella = he a mental defective prone to outbursts .

    1. ^ have you any wool today ?
      Please take your meds sir


  3. It was July 5th 2015 it was late about 3:30am I had fallen asleep on my cousins sofa about 10pm after a long day at our family reunion. All of a Sudden the dogs started going crazy it woke me up so I kinda laid there thinking to myself I wish they would shut up then all of a sudden I heard one of the dogs yell out like it was hurt. Then I heard the sound of something coming up on the front porch so I sat up to look out the front window, it just so happens that we left the porch light on and what I saw was unforgettable and unbelievable. It was squatting down right in front of me I guess it was too big to stand straight up on the porch. I don't know why it was there but we had left the empty beer and soda cans and leftover food scraps in a couple of trash bags to be thrown out the next day. But to make a long story short I was no more than 8 to 10 feet away from it. I looked at for what seemed like an hour but I never saw its face because its back was to me the whole time and I never leave my 45cal but for some reason I did not have it with me. If I had you would have had a corpse to show to the world but this thing has become aggressive in this area of Alabama where my family lives. July 8th it kills my cousins bulldog, in May it chases another family member. June it looks into a family members window in broad open day time so I am trying to get some of the guys together and try and kill it because no one will do anything to research and capture this thing. We know where it lives and how it travels, all we want is for someone to capture and remove it. I live in Texas but my family lives in Alabama, and they are living in fear of this thing so it has to go one way or another


  4. DUH, idiot. "Leftover food scraps", hello!!