Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bigfoot Believers Go From The Conference To The Field In The Blue Mountains

After attending the recent International Conference on Primal People this weekend, bigfoot enthusiasts hit the woods of the Blue Mountains in search of new bigfoot evidence. The area is known for having a rich history of sasquatch sightings and encounters, and what better way to finish off a conference?

When it comes to claiming evidence of Bigfoot — and the Walla Walla area has had its share of sightings — try as hard as you can to prove that the footprint, photo or tuft of hair you’ve collected could be something else.

Only when you’ve exhausted every effort to disprove evidence of Bigfoot could you then conclude that what you have is proof of the creature’s existence.

Such was the advice given to the 45 or so people who stayed for the final keynote talk at Saturday’s “International Conference on Primal People” in Kennewick.

The speaker, Bill Munns, has spent a decade studying the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film, a very short clip that many believe captured the image of a female Sasquatch walking in the woods of northern California.

After a career spent in Hollywood as a makeup artist, prosthetic designer and expert creature-costume maker, Munns wanted to put his wealth of knowledge to use in disproving the Patterson-Gimlin film.

He’s examined the evidence from every angle, looked for any and every known “tell” in the filmed creature’s body and movements. He’s heard every argument for and against the legitimacy of the film.

“And I cannot find a single piece of evidence that tells me for sure that this footage was a fake,” Munns said.

At this, his audience exploded in applause.

After a full day of hearing detailed stories of sightings by the authors of several books on Bigfoot and other presentations such as that by wildlife biologist Joe Hauser, Munns’ fervent conclusion about the film impassioned the crowd.

“If this were a court of law, we’d have just won our case,” said Keith Bearden, another author at the conference who says he’s had a Sasquatch experience.

On Sunday, a group of 12 such impassioned believers struck out for the Blue Mountains.

They hoped to find more evidence of Bigfoot’s existence here — more because the Walla Walla area has had many reports of Sasquatch activity in the past, according to field trip guide Kyle Gibson.

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