Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Woman In Illinois Startled By Baby Mothman

CHANNAHON, Ill. — A woman said she encountered an unidentified flying creature in Northern Illinois.

Carol, a 58-year-old retired Channahon resident whose last name was omitted for anonymity purposes, said she came upon the oddity last Thursday as she let her dogs out in her backyard.

“I turned on our patio light and seen it,” says Carol. “We keep a heated birdbath on our patio. Is it possible this thing was getting a drink before I scared it into flight.”

She claims the unknown animal flew away after about 20 seconds.

“But its flight pattern was straight up!” she added. “In a eerie slow butterfly movement, but straight up.”
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  1. Replies
    1. U looking for mothman in the bush U need to be packing heat for your SAFETY

    2. ^This idiot is by far the most dedicated poster here.

  2. dang mothman bein heers agains ans takin me hawgs ans me chickins

  3. just because we basement dwellers are toughing it out doesn't mean we don't use the internet to do research on Bigfoot, we have more FREE time to do research do to the fact we have very low overhead down here

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