Thursday, February 18, 2016

This Is One Of The Greatest Bigfoot Features Of All Time - In Search Of Bigfoot 1976

Only at nature's whim can man pursue the unknown, as a group of American scientists discovered in the woods and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. This is that story... of what they saw, and learned, and did as they searched for Bigfoot, or as he is called by some Indians, Sasquatch.


  1. Didn't find him in 1976. 40 years later, not a scrap more evidence than there was in 1976.

    1. Keep the faith, Haints. Maybe you'll get the no-other-possible-explanation experiences and glimpses that I have been through, and then you'll know for yourself.

    2. Evening Uno,

      Didn't know you had seen a Bigfoot...

      Give !

    3. Howdy Clive!

      I don't call it a sighting. I call it glimpses... dark shadows of movement in the thick, darkening forest; eye-shine with big shadowy shape to it; something big, dark, and extremely scary when I was young. Stuff like that with accompanying "class B" sounds, smells, and overwhelming fear. Also, a scary experience while inside my tent. All are things I generally don't talk about.

      But the faith and hope for their existence to be proven stay with me. As does the fear.

    4. Thanks for sharing that Uno...

      It takes guts to do that around here !

    5. ^ Darn tootin Clive!
      Oops, I forgot to say ,that "UNO" is perfect in each an every way !!
      Then again---- that's a given!

      AC collins,, :-)

    6. we found you Haints, and we are forever cursing our fortune because of that


    7. AC, late night posters are the best this blog has to offer.

      Yep !