Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Florida Bigfoot Video Has It All

From the youtube channel of Crypto Reality: 
Florida Bigfoot audio, Bigfoot tracks and Bigfoot research.
Bigfoot eyewitnesses, Bigfoot evidence, bigfoot tracks, bigfoot reports. This early episode of the journal covers a great deal about one area Crypto Reality researches on a regular basis. How to look at an area for potential Bigfoot activity, evaluating bigfoot tracks, bigfoot audio


  1. This is crazyThis is crazyThis is crazyThis is crazy !

  2. Replies
    1. A still warm Sasquatch body 9 feet taLL and weighing 828 LBS could be delivered postage paid to your front door and you and your buddies here and over at BFF would STILL deny their existence. But the thing is this; at the end of the day NOBODY really cares what you or your fellow (most likely) paid trolls think or what you do or do not believe in because you are simply put, a liar. So we urge you and your ilk to keep wasting your time, keep posting here and anywhere else that hasn't yet decided to shut your idiocy out and know that not one thing that you have ever written has ever changed one single mind of those of us whose minds are the opposite of YOUR's which is sadly; closed.

    2. ^ Oh,the irony !

      Do you seriously think anybody gives a hoot what you believe ?

      You`re no more than a pair of comedy lips making movements of the mouth...with nothing to substantiate the panto-type sleight of hand pronouncements.

    3. So you admit there's no proof of bigfoot. Good to finally hear that.

      Oh, and we're not saying bigfoot doesn't exist, just that there's no proof that it does.

      And speaking of the negative proof fallacy, it also applies whenever someone says something silly like, "cannot be hoaxed."

      @CryptoCrew: On the contrary, an actual bigfoot specimen would be the BEST DAY EVER! Bigfoot is the Holy Grail of anthropology (unfortunately both are likely myths). But we need the real thing: actual proof of bigfoot. Not just more proof that bigfoot "research" is a credulous clownshow. Which is why urging bigfoot researchers to get their act together and start doing things right is far less a waste of time than all the time these bigfoot "researchers" waste screwing around in the woods doing things that will never produce proof of bigfoot. We have more than enough dubious casts and blurry photos of stumps and recordings of coyotes and alligator arms already.

    4. If data exists... It's existence isn't in question and therefore not a negative, you insufferably sense soul.

      Casts with species traits across samples and decades are not dubious. That is repeatable scientific evidence.

      Audio recordings that are primate in origin that are both above and before human primate capabilities, are not dubious.

      And considering you don't have a magic monkey suit that's trumped 47 years of SFX;
      ... The subject photographed in that source is as dubious as chronic denial can be.

    5. The data indeed exists, but it is not what you say it is.

      Junk data is still data. Just worthless.

      Garbage in garbage out.

    6. Here's a doozy for ya... Grow up... Be responsible for your lies, and prove it.

      You have been torn apart too many times to count about it.

    7. Matt Dillahunty gives the example of a large jar full of gumballs to illustrate the burden of proof. The number of whole gumballs in the jar is either even or odd, but the degree of personal acceptance or rejection of claims about that characteristic may vary. We can choose to consider two claims about the situation, given as:

      The number of gumballs is even.
      The number of gumballs is odd.

      Either claim could be explored separately, however, both claims represent the same proposition and do in fact ask the same question. Odd in this case means "not even" and could be described as a negative claim. Before we have any information about the number of gumballs, we have no means of checking either of the two claims. When we have no evidence to resolve the proposition, we may suspend judgment. From a cognitive sense, when no personal preference toward opposing claims exists, one may be either skeptical of both claims or ambivalent of both claims. [15][16][17] If there is a claim proposed and that claim is disputed, the burden of proof falls onto the proponent of the claim. If there is no agreeably adequate evidence to support a claim, the claim could be considered to be an argument from ignorance.

    8. It's lucky there's evidence of Sasquatch really, isn't it? And if someone is critical of that evidence, their burden is to prove it can't stand.

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