Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sasquatch Sighting Near Campbell River, British Columbia

British Columbia is what I consider the home of the sasquatch. It's the idea area for these creatures to live, and the history of these beings go back as far as you can dig. In this video is a man's story about a bigfoot encounter he had near the Campbell River.


  1. Hello from Buffy and Coco my new kitties xx

    1. The above report is very cool don't you think? xx

    2. it is ! B.C is a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings for the longest time. There has to be something behind all the different reports . I would concentrate any efforts on Vancouver island.


    3. Trapper from Mountain Monsters AIMS team say BIGFOOTS be all over Appalachia
      BC not so much

    4. He doesn't even know where BC is. Appalachia doesn't have BIGFOOTS nor does Florida.

  2. I see some hairy buttcrack in that sure they're not the "plumbers" of the forest?

    1. Let's face it. if your disgusting body was covered with that much hair and dingleberrys you'd hide in the woods too!

    2. remind me to show you my amazing collection of 'squatchberries'. They like rubbin dem big ol butts on my hedgeapple trees.

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  5. These kids used to live in the Prince George B.C area which is where I currently live. The climate and forest here is very different than in Campbell River which is located on Victoria Island. Total bigfoot country aside from Harrison Hot Springs.