Friday, February 5, 2016

Does Bigfoot Do This To Trees?

Bigfoot investigators are always noticing the tiniest of details in the woods that most people would walk right by. It takes a keen eye, and a sharp sense of awareness to notice some of these things, especially one like this. But we're not talking about your average person just out for a stroll through the woods either. We're talking about... the Squatch Master.

After a recent snowfall I went to look around an area called "Sasquatch Valley" in Salt Fork State Park. I didn't expect to find anything but one just never knows when these individuals may be passing through. I was correct,in that I saw nothing of much importance...until the walk out. That's when I happened to notice the large patch of tree bark rubbed off the side of a tree about 8 feet high. There were no other marks on the tree to indicate any known animal had tried to climb the tree, likewise, there was no indication of a deer hunters tree stand being placed there...besides,this is a NO HUNTING area.


  1. Because bears and elk and deer and humans and porcupines never touch trees…

    This is just sad.

  2. If you can't prove a Bigfoot didn't do it, it's a Bigfoot.

    1. Easily done, son. Bears and elk and humans and porcupines exist. Bigfoot doesn't. Q.E.D.

  3. WHY do you guys promote this hoaxing twatwaffle?