Monday, February 15, 2016

Claims Of Bigfoot Roaming New York Capture Local News Attention

New York isn't all skyscrapers and taxi cabs. In the Whitehall area bigfoot sightings have been reported for years, and are still common place. The area has actually become rather well known for its sasquatch, and even hosts a conference from time to time. Recently the New York bigfoot caught the attention of the local news.

Some call it the Yeti or Sasquatch, but it's best known as Bigfoot. And some residents in Whitehall, New York say they have seen it first hand.

The town of Whitehall, New York is known for its undying interest in the unknown - Bigfoot. Whitehall has been the subject of a number of documentaries focusing on Bigfoot's presence in the town and the entire Northeast.

"This is a global phenomena and it's right in our backyard," said Paul Bartholomew, paranormal researcher.

Bartholomew studies the Bigfoot phenomena, which dates back to ancient times around the world and the 1800's in Whitehall. He says residents and law enforcement in the area have seen the creature, but the stigma and ridicule received upon saying so has hindered others.

"I think it's something we should acknowledge and recognize, in that when someone has a sighting, they should be able to come forward with their sighting and not have to hide their sighting,” said Bartholomew.

Hubbardton, Vermont resident Frank Siecienski has dedicated his retired life to the study.

"I set up a game camera on my apple tree because I wanted to find out what was eating all the apples on my tree, and I set it up for a week and when they took it down, this was the first thing that we saw on our computer, and both my wife and I said what in the world is that," said Siecienski.

Siecienski says he went to Vermont's head biologist to get more information on the creature in the photo.

"I showed him this picture and he said it was an owl. But I don't think owls grow to 500 pounds," said Siecienski.

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