Sunday, February 21, 2016

Check Out This Sneak Peek Of An Upcoming Bigfoot Movie

From White Phosphorus Pictures: BIGFOOT

Coming in October of 2016 is the definitive motion picture about the mystery of the Sasquatch. BIGFOOT is the first motion feature-length motion picture in the (White Phosphorus Pictures) MONSTER CHRONICLES series.

Director Christopher Paul Garetano (Montauk Chronicles) began filming (BIGFOOT) in October of 2015 and is currently still in progress.
This reel is just a small taste of the epic movie that's to come.
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  1. Oh boy - just what the masses having been calling out for!!! So what does this make? The 486th Bigfoot related movie?

    1. If you don't like it... Why don't you go and do something else?

    2. if you mean this year than yes 486 is about right

    3. always trying to degrade somebody.6:03's comment was not an attack on you or bigfoot. it was directed at the large number of meaningless movies about the crazed killer of campers and hikers take your name calling,degrading bigoted comments and shove them up your ass ok punkin.

    4. Sounded like a whole lotta whining to me... If you're sick of the sound of something, don't spend every day of your life immersed in it.

      Make me, twonk.

    5. Thank you Anon: 7:16 I appreciate that comment.

      So "lktomi" - I take it you are just fine with all these movies making your beloved Bigfoot look like a savage killing machine that lives to prey on it's victims? For the record - I wouldn't waste my time watching any of these dumb movies but I will read these posts watching you get torn to shreds each day. Now THAT'S entertainment.

    6. I've never watched one of these "Bigfoot" movies in my life, I don't really give a **** what's in them, or what's portrayed. I'm pretty sure though that if you cheese off what's reported, you'll get every bit a "monster" as you'd like.

      Like I said... If you don't like it, go and find something else that doesn't make you whine like a little girl, and while you're at it, ask your hero up top if he can reference one instance where I've been "torn to shreds". He sounds as butthurt as you, meaning he'll struggle a little bit.

      : p

    7. LOL - lktomi is the Don Quixote of Bigfoolery. In his mind he wins every battle but of course those of us who read the posts know better.

    8. Tick, tock, and no reference... Stop whining and hurry up. Actually, don't bother, you're too late.

      See ya tomorrow!

    9. Tomorrow? Isn't it about 5:00 AM in the UK now? If you really live there, didn't you mean later today?

    10. Only a fool would build a log cabin with first floor windows in it! If you live deep in the woods it Would be un-wise to build a dwelling that looks like it belongs in the suburbs. And I'm not talking about protecting it from the Sasquatch. There are many beasts in those woods that will try to get in a some point. Humans are just plain lacking commen sense most of the time!

    11. 7;26 .. is made to "twink" all the time

    12. Zabo.. That cabin was built by Michigan hunters in the 1930s and is still to this,day used by hunters. I guess your opine theory doesn't apply to this one. ;)