Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bigfoot Investigator Finds Possible Bigfoot Structure That Has Existed For Years

Prehistoric Bone Hunter on youtube shares this video of what he believes to be a very old bigfoot tree structure in one of his research areas. You can tell that the trees used in the structure have been there for a very long time, but after closer inspection, it appears that a lot of those trees didn't even come from there. So what put them there, and what is the purpose?


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    1. ^ true- I though nobody else noticed.

      - Signed Anon 4:01

  2. I've always found the whole "shipping/mailing/courier" angle to be rather suspicious on it's own. If I had just shot such stunning and important film footage, of an actual real Yeti... there's no way that I'm letting that gold out of my hands for a second. I'd be on top of it every step of the way.

    "Yeah, I just shot the footage of the century... just gonna pop it in the mail."

    Sure you would, Roger. Totally.

    1. The "mailing" angle, lie that it is, makes no damn sense... unless it's a hoax. All the blather about the whys and wherefores of that piece of the story are just ridiculous. Patterson supposedly just caught world shattering footage and does what? Puts it in "the mail"? What the hell for?

      He wants to have it ready to show asap? This is monumental stuff. It wouldn't matter how many days later you could show it. He's going to risk "Oooops, sorry, lost it" just to show it to some footers early? I don't think so.

      He wants to make sure it's viable footage, so mails it off and heads back down to Bluff Creek to try to get more, just in case? What? It's gonna take days to find out. In which case you've got nothing more, or you've scored some more footage. So, why mail it off at all? Just hang onto it, stick around and try to get some more. He's going to risk losing it, striking out on getting more and ending up with nothing? Sorry, not buying it.

      If it were real, Patterson's got a golden ticket to the big time. Forget the footers and whatnot. High tail it back to big smoke, can in hand and never let it out of your sight. If it doesn't turn out well... then go back and try to get more. Or, keep it in your hot little hands, try to get more straight away, if that's a bust... then, high tail it back to the big smoke, can in hand.

      This is bigger than the Hindenburg film. You don't get cavalier with it and stick it in the post, no matter what the outcome of a print might be like. Just go and get it developed yourself, or hang onto it while you're trying to get safety shots. It doesn't matter who he was supposed to send it to, he's gonna risk having them say... "The package? Didn't get it, Roger."???

      It makes no sense for what he says he had. It only makes sense as part of a ************ story.

    2. You kids don't know how things were done back in the 1960s before video camcorders and flash memory cards. Back then the only way to get a film developed was mailing it to a developer lab. Even if you "got it developed yourself" by dropping it off at a camera shop, the shop would only also mail it off to a lab, and charge you for that "service".