Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bigfoot And The Human Connection

From the youtube channel of effedupstories.com:

Perhaps the most well-known cryptid of all is Bigfoot. The legends and myths go back a long way. There have been many shows and documentaries centered on this mythical creature, and yet, I’ve never heard a story quite like the one we tell tonight.

If this story is true, then not only have we found Bigfoot, but we have people in the world who can communicate with the species; we have an army that went out of its way to protect the creature. If true, than this cryptid is no monster, nor is it supernatural or just a hairy ape. It is an intelligent species that was on the brink of extinction some time ago; a species that our army fought to protect because they knew what kind of horrors we would put it through. Perhaps hidden in the woods away from mankind is the best thing for them.


  1. What a great story...there are probably many similar and I guess the weirdest thing is that they are probably true.

    1. ^ hahahaha can`t even spell the simplest word