Saturday, January 2, 2016

Skunk Ape Attacks Froggers And Other Scary Sightings Of Unknown Creatures

From the youtube channel of Darkness Prevails:

Darkness Prevails here. Tonight we have 3 Scary True Stories of Creepy Unknown Creatures and Strange Animals. From graveyard ghouls to skunk apes and creepy gargoyles, these true creepy stories will have you up late and your heart racing. Will you survive the night? What nightmare creatures are lurking where you live? Stay tuned!


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  2. It says it's true. Must be then.

  3. Hey guys..just gotta get this news out - I`ve been keeping my very own home bigfoot case files that I have color coded and keep in plastic folders (such a neat idea,eh ?) ..I`m dying to find a pal to co-ordinate sightings and reports - we could swap files and color codes (kinda like pretending to be a spy only I`m an adult now) and maybe go through the latest reports and even make a color coded map `n stuff - maybe do pretend interviews an` such - shoot me an email if you`re interested.