Friday, January 15, 2016

Kentucky Woman Has Close Encounter With Bigfoot On Interstate

Sketch by Terry Thomas


She had just left Williamstown going north on I-75 and was driving in the right lane going approximately 60mph. After about a mile she saw a creature crouched down on the right shoulder so she slowed down to about 30mph, then eventually coming to a complete stop. Her vehicle was within 50-75 feet of the creature. At first she thought it was bear, however as soon as her headlights hit it, it turned and stood up in one motion. “It then grabbed a dead doe at his feet and flung it over its right shoulder effortlessly. It’s shoulders were so wide you could see plenty of shoulder left,” explained Marieanne. It then turned and walked away, disappearing into the forest. It glanced back once, twisting at the hip. It was not hunched over, however walked almost completely upright. It had a very long stride and swung its legs and arms like a monkey.

Marieanne estimates its height at about 7.5 to 8 feet tall. It had a massive, muscular build, with very wide shoulders. The hair was brown with a reddish tint. The hair was thinner on it’s chest and face. “The face was human-like,” explained Marieanne. The skin on its face looked thick and was almond in color. It had a heavy brow, large dark eyes (no whites), and a wide, flat, hooded nose. The lower lip was a little thicker than the top and the top lip seemed to protrude out a little more. It had a receding hairline and whiskers (or beard) that blended into the cheekbones. The head was not completely round, more like the shape of a gorilla. It’s palms and bottom of the feet were the same color as its face. She could see the cracks in the skin. The fingers were long and when I asked her if she noticed finger nails or claws, she didn’t recall (which I love as an investigator because she did not embellish her story). No ears were noticed either. She also believes it was a male due to lack of breasts.

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    1. I love eating the trud out of Captain Highliner's as s. Tastes like fish sticks!

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    2. UFOs and aliens are real
      BIGFOOTS not so much

  2. ans tham bigfeets eatin me chickins ans hawgs thay shure is

  3. Evidence for giants throughout history ...

  4. This is near the Erickson Matilda and pancake video habituation site. Maybe the poor guy was tired of eating pancakes laced with glass shards.

  5. This allegedly happened in 1986, thirty years ago!