Thursday, January 7, 2016

Don't Take The Title Of This Bigfoot Video Literally

We would never condone actually carving up a bigfoot with a chainsaw, but when you're creating a sculpture of one it is perfectly fine. Check out how this guy turns a chunk of wood into a really cool bigfoot statue using nothing but a chainsaw:


  1. Replies
    1. laying shingles on a tar shack

    2. GRAYs control BIGFOOTs, find the GRAYs U find the BIGFOOTs

  2. Replies
    1. but not BOBO he a BIGFOOT GURU : )

  3. shooting a Sasquatch with a .223 would be similar to shooting humans with a .22
    we here use 7.62 to get the JOB DONE !!!

  4. Dr. Jerf Meldrum describe the ssqutch:

    Upperparts are darker and more richly colored than underparts. Chin and throat largely unmarked. Tail short, rounded and brownish black. Males display conspicuous yellow eye-combs and dull red gular sacs during courtship. Males also have elongated pinnae on each side of the neck, which are held erect during courtship display. Females have shorter pinnae. Immatures similar to adults, but more richly colored, especially on throat.

    1. that what TRAPPER from the AIMS team said Bigfoots make fires, make maps, and can speak to each other ....