Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Treasure Hunter Talks About His Sasquatch Encounter

Youtuber wnyprepper talks about the bigfoot sighting he had while metal detecting. The creature was observing him from about 15 yards away when he noticed it. This has led him to doing more research into the phenomenon, and after reflecting back on that day, he believes it was a juvenile. Check it out:


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    1. could be homeless in the bush so you thinking that's a bigfoot over in the bush but its just homeless folk in the bush

    2. Time to blow bad trolls away :) xx


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    1. I thought so :)

      It was meant in jest, not as an insult to your lifestyle. No offense was intended.

    2. ^ what lifestyle? Do you mean transgendered? That's not a lifestyle. Is being born male or female, or being straight a lifestyle? Stop being silly.

    3. being transgendered is a disease of the mind. We have to stop pretending its not. People are afraid of being called racist, homophobes or politically incorect. Instead we must embrace it and turn America back to a Christian nation. Drive the F ags out!

    4. This is a great great man. I encourage all bigfoot believers and even sceptics to check it out. He speaks the truth about bigfoot and other things.


    5. ^ is it any wonder why this coward doesn't want to post his name? He knows he'd be torn to pieces.

    6. real name? you mean like your real name? lktomi?

    7. If I was to openly support the things that clown is saying, from behind anonimaty... Then you would have a point. You seem take exception for the gross antisocial behaviour on your part, for the actions of others who are not remotely hostile until provoked.


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  3. 1:33, just wow. I don't even know what to say to that. You obviously need help and I'm sorry that you have to come to this site to vent your hostility on everyone. it is just pathetic. The new Health Care Act
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    here shows just how desperate for attention and help that you really are. I don't know your name but I do know that you are a sick person and for that reason I am going to offer up prayers for you. please consider getting some help for your issues and check in to your insurance as well.

    1. "If anonymity is one factor, psychological and emotional issues are another, according to Suler, who says many trolls likely have problems with depression, low self-esteem, and anger."

      "They want to inject their own emotional turmoil into other people by luring them into negativity. It's a way for them to feel some kind of control or power over their own disruptive emotions, at other people's expense."

      "Some trolls think that spending your time posting condolence messages on Facebook to someone you've never met is weird, and grounds for being trolled. They think they're teaching people a lesson, teaching people how to behave online."