Friday, December 4, 2015

This Is Probably The Most Frequently Asked Question To Bigfoot Researchers

When it comes to bigfoot, people have a lot of questions. After you research for awhile, you tend to hear the same questions over and over again. One of the most frequently asked of all the questions however, is "Why don't we ever find any bigfoot bones?" Mike Rugg, curator of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, tackles this question with his own answer as to why we don't find any of their bones.


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    1. how do you think he pays his bills?

    2. Gee...that`s really very observant of you ,squash-head.

  2. The most frequently asked question about bigfoot?

    Why don't we have any conclusive proof that they exist?

    1. The most frequently heard reply ----- because they are not real.

      Very succinct.

  3. Mike has missed this point. Since Bigfoot populations are very low, the chances of finding a dead one is very low.
    Case in point:
    let's say a Bigfoot dies a natural death. Before he dies, he searches for a remote spot to die in. Let's say under a cliff over-hang. The Bigfoot 'Body' is 60-80 miles (whatever) in a remote wilderness area that most humans never ever even been to. What are the chances that a human will find this "Body" within a week? After a week, all evidence will be gone! Most "Hikers' in remote Wilderness areas, never leave a marked trail. So if this "Body' is 1 mile or whatever from this marked trail, it will never be seen!
    The County I live in (In the Catskill mountains of N.Y. state) has the highest Black Bear population in the entire state. Yet as a former Bear hunting guide (For over 20 years) i have never come across a dead Bear (That died of natural causes) Almost all the local deer and bear hunters in my area, has also never seen a dead bear in the woods, yet they are very common.
    Also, most Native American legends (Which i know a lot about as I am married to a Mohawk princess) said, that "When a Bigfoot dies, they are placed and tied to a Pine/Spruce tree 100-150 foot high". If true, then the odds are very very high, no human will find it"!

    You have better odds at hitting the Lottery for 100 million bucks, then you have of finding a dead bigfoot!

    John W. Jones Spoke
    (the real one, not Joe or whatever)

    1. For being so few of them and for them being so concerned about not being found, it is odd that there is so much crappy evidence out there.

    2. Silly me, I always thought the reason the have never found a dead one is because they didn't exist.

      I. Am. Reality Spoke