Thursday, December 24, 2015

Possible Bigfoot Caught Belly Crawling On Thermal FLIR Camera

From the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization:

PLEASE read the circumstances pertaining to this video AND watch the video a few times before forming an opinion.

This video was recorded during a BFRO expedition on October 2, 2010. The location will not be disclosed due to a NDA. Over the four day expedition large tracks were casted, possible audio clips recorded, a researcher was zapped (hit with infrasound) and perhaps most significantly, this video was recorded. The location is in a very remote region, on top of a mountain which has had a long history of Bigfoot activity. On the previous evening, on this very trail, a small group of us were walking when my wife (a skeptic) who was lagging behind, ran up to me, grabbed my arm tightly and frantically whispered, “Oh my God, something just ran up behind me!” The reason this may be significant: were the heavy footfalls which ran behind her on the trail a juvenile Sasquatch? Researchers hypothesize juvies (like teenagers) like to play pranks, or perhaps dare one another as in some sort of initiation. The very next night five of us decided to investigate this location again. It took over 30 mins to drive the steep and dangerous roads to the top of the mountain. After we parked we began our hike down the trail with only our red headlamps, audio equipment, s’mores (bait/food) and a FLIR. We were talking and laughing, hoping to entice a curious Bigfoot. My wife even stated with a chuckle, “We come in peace. We have s’mores!” Suddenly we jumped something huge to our right! It sounded massive. I've jumped many deer and this sounded MUCH larger. It really startled all of us! It only ran for a second or two and then oddly, it got absolutely quiet. The only sounds to be heard were our hearts beating out of our chests. The FLIR was turned on and a few video clips were recorded.

The young man who recorded this video is no longer involved in Bigfoot research. He has however allowed me to show this clip during my library presentations. I feel it’s an intriguing piece of evidence "if" it is indeed a Bigfoot, thus I asked him for permission to share it online. Thankfully here was his response: “I am a private person and do not want the video shared online with my copyright. I think the video would cause more problems than help. I do not want to be apart or associated in the debate over what is or is not in the video or any other questions that would certainly come up. If there was some way for you to remove my copyright, I would be happy to sign over the rights to the video so you could share it as you like. Unfortunately, I do not have the raw video files or I would send them to you. Do you know of a way where you could remove the copyright? I have no certainty about what is recorded in the video. I dislike that it has multiple clips put together due to the fact that I wasn't experienced using the rented thermal's recording features and ended up starting and stopping the recording while I was using the thermal. Silly me!”

Is this a video a juvenile Bigfoot belly crawling? At the end of the video is that round object a head bobbing between the trees after it stood up? Unfortunately due to the thick vegetation, there’s no definitive outline in the heat signature. What do you think? The question is: “What would a deer, coyote or bear do if you jumped it?”

NOTE: The young man who filmed it did return to the location and tried to re-create the encounter to the best of his ability. From my understanding he did not have access to the originally rented FLIR so the perspective and size of the subject may have varied. However the subject was estimated at about 30 yards from us.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


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    1. Mountain Monsters AIMS team is back on the hunt starting Jan 23!
      The game is afoot and Trapper Team Lead, Wild Bill old Marine, Jeff tech guru, Willy trap builder, and Huckleberry security-
      Are back on the hunt for ol Mr. Bigfoot

    2. And just like Finding Bigfoot the results will be the same. I mean what could possibly be more entertaining than watching some stupid fools searching for a mythical creature? Comedy genius some would say.

    3. @2:26, you certainly have some weird fetishes. Have you flown up to Maine yet and confessed your love for Bill Brock?

    4. Don`t forget about the stockings and high heels he wears while watching these guys perform their antics..they are as gold to our fetishist in that they enhance his erotic state as he fondles himself to their manly mountain man does get a little messy and sticky and the stocking get thrown away after each fantasy fling due to "soiling".

      Merry Christmas Joe...hope Santa leaves some silky stockings by the tree for you.

  2. NORAD tracking Santa sleigh -
    for your SAFETY : )

  3. Could be a human! Its hard to tell it's definitely crawling but can't tell if it's animal or human!!!