Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ohio Man Claims He Shot A Bigfoot Near His Home

From via Sasquatch Chronicles:
Stark County Man shoots at what he describes was a sasquatch. Investigated by Paul Hayes (The Genoskwa Project - Ohio Division)

I received a report of a gentleman shooting at what he described was a sasquatch that was in his backyard. I contacted the gentleman and completed an investigation on his property located in SE Stark County Ohio. The investigation was completed June 8th 2015. Date of incident was the night of June 7th 2015. The couple would like to remain anonymous per their request.

On the night of June 7th the gentleman's wife was relaxing on the patio that was located on the south side of the residence in the late evening while the husband was in the house on the second level relaxing in the bedroom watching TV and he had received a text message from his wife that she heard loud noises coming from the side of the garage where the trash can was located and advised him to come see what it was.

The gentleman stated that he got his .44 caliber handgun from his gun safe and loaded it and headed down stairs and out the door to the side of the garage where the noises had come from. He stated when he got there the only thing he found was the trash can had been tampered with and he normally keeps a tire on the lid to keep out small rodents but he noticed the tire had been moved. He then walked to the rear of the garage to the backyard and to his left he heard loud foot steps and grunting and he also stated that he had seen a large silhouette.

The gentleman proceeded back to the driveway and got in his truck and drove north through the backyard to a small access road with a bridge to get to the rear portion of his backyard because the yard is divided by a small creek approximately eight feet wide. Once he crossed the bridge he immediately turned right heading south through his yard and once he got to the edge of the yard he turned left and aimed his headlights into the wooded area he saw what he described as a huge upright walking creature approximately seven feet in height and covered in hair standing just inside of the tree line. He also stated that once the headlights of his truck shined on the subject he said it took a step to it's right and that's when he fired his gun possibly hitting it in the left shoulder. I did also ask him if the creature screamed or made any noise after he discharged his gun and he did say that he didn't know because after he discharged the weapon close to the cab of the truck his ears was ringing and could not hear anything. The creature ran off into the wooded area at a fast pace.

For the rest of the report, click here.


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