Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Man Retraces His Steps From His Shasta County Bigfoot Encounter

From the youtube channel of Chris Contreras:

Well guys here you go you asked for it so here is my dear friends I added a little music I thought would help lend to the somber sort of feeling I was going through that night in Aug. of 1992 , when I had to walk alone in the dark for nearly 7 miles the first part of it being paced step for step for nearly 1/4 of mile by a 5-700lb. biped , I hope you folks will find this both informational and helpful in understanding what happened to me the night of my encounter, I apologize for the shaky camera as this is the first video I have ever done- special thanks to my wife trusting me with her fancy Nikon camera as well as helping me edit my F-bombs(thank you Becky!)here is the original encounter report http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/report_detail.php?id=04059 in the report it looks like it says I was followed for 3/4 of a mile but it is actually 1/4 of a mile- still that was like an eternity having been paced,followed,and stalked by something that massive on two legs.


  1. I wonder how much he was paid to make up this encounter

  2. Was he drinking a Shasta at the time?

  3. Shasta has a ton of activity and has for hundreds of years ,good thing this dude didn't end up in one of Paulides's Missing 411 books