Sunday, December 20, 2015

Check Out These Creepy Unexplained Texas Phenomenon

Texas is known for lots of things. Cowboys, steers, steak, uhh, oh yeah, football. But it is also known for its numerous strange and unexplained mysteries as well. In this article they go over 10 of the best and most creepy unexplained phenomenon in the Lone Star state.

These 10 Unexplained Natural Phenomena In Texas Will Baffle You

From eerie lights that seem to have no source to UFO sightings, every state has some sort of unexplained natural phenomena. But surely there’s a logical explanation…right? Maybe not. Check out these 10 creepy mysteries of Texas and decide for yourself.

1) Ghost Road (Saratoga)

Bragg Road, more commonly referred to as Ghost Road, is a Hardin Country legend. People say a bluish-white light appears to be at the end of the road - but never gets bigger no matter how close one gets to it. It does, however, approach your car as you drive down the road. Legend has it a railroad brakeman lost his head in an accident and is doomed to haunt the road for eternity searching for it. Is it swamp gas...or something more sinister?

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  1. ac collins is a handsome man !

    Troll killer

  2. Texas is also known for what you'll find behind a home depot.

    1. Dick Ryder f'ed in the butt by a bigfoot.

  3. I live within 1 hour of many of the places mentioned, if fact Baytown itself. Have had 2 Bigfoot encounters by the Trinity river and ghost light sighting on Bragg road. Never doing night research by myself ever again.