Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bigfoot Encounters In The Bluff Creek Area Before The Patterson Gimlin Film?

Bluff Creek became famous after Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot their famous film footage there of a sasquatch, but they were in the area for a reason. According to William Jevning, there were encounters in the area that predate the famous film by a longshot. Check it out:

Before Bluff Creek was made famous with the Patterson Gimlin film and Bigfoot encounter, there was already history with this creature here…This person’s encounter was so shocking that he blocked it from consciousness for a time, he did recall the events however and this is what he related:

“I began to remember more and more of what happened. I had me a bad case of the jitters as the memory uncoiled.”

The first part of the story took me back to 1952, when I had gone to Orleans to start preliminary work on a logging operation with two men by the names of Lee Vlery and Josh Russel.

One evening Josh told me Lee had gone up to Happy Camp, but not having transportation back, wanted me to take the Mercury and go up and get him. I had driven the extremely crooked and dangerous road up there, but not being able to find him started back alone to Orleans.

The Road To Orleans.

It had been raining very heavily and after going back a few miles I found there had been a slide across the road. There was a man with a flashlight there who told me I could still get back to Orleans by way of a detour across the river. He said it was a dirt road that went through Bear Valley and would come out at the mouth of Bluff Creek a few miles below Orleans.

I had been driving slowly down this road for about twenty miles I guess, sort of daydreaming, when I saw it….. dimly in the headlights and the rain was a shaggy orangutan-like apparition of a human. For an instant I had the impression the shaggy hair of the creature was a hoary blue gray in the headlights.

An ogre! I remember thinking, but the thing swiftly back pedaled off the road and behind a tree.

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  1. The road he describes driving on does not even exist in that area, nor does Bear Creek, and he didn't come near the mouth of Bluff Creek in his geography. This story was "recovered memory," as well, making it all the more suspicious.

    1. I can't say I know anything much about the geography of Bluff Creek, but there were reports of Sasquatch in that area after WW2, with Al Hodgson attesting to this.

    2. Yes, there were a few reports in Willow Creek area and Bluff Creek, usually very sparse and vague until the drama set in in 1958. That's no reason to accept an apparently fictionalized account from 1952,especially when it bears clear factual errors about the area.