Saturday, December 12, 2015

Arla Williams Wants To Know If Bigfoot Made This

You can find some strange things in the woods that leave you scratching your head. Bigfooter Arla Williams has found just such a thing in her neck of the woods. A bunch of small trees, and possibly limbs are all twisted and wrapped around one another into a big tangled mess. There's no way this happened naturally. The trees certainly didn't grow, or fall, in that manner. So what or who is responsible?


  1. Well bigfoot is a fictional creature so no, it wasnt a bigfoot.

  2. I definitely think it was a Bigfoot. Or a leprechaun or a dogman.

  3. Sure they made that, and every other time you see two branches cross in the forest. Yep, they sure are busy bodies. Or, they just don't have time for this crap and are letting the humans think that sticks are Bigfoot trying to communicate with them.