Monday, November 23, 2015

Listen To This Amazing Story About A Man Who Fell In Bigfoot's Lap

From the youtube channel Rico Savage:

A first hand eyewitness testimony of an AMAZING Bigfoot encounter. HE ACTUALLY FELL ON SASQUATCHES LAP! Jim Henry is a Pacific Northwest legend and has experienced several Sasquatch encounters.
Filmed by Rico and Liz Peebles 2014


  1. What a sweet man Jim Henry is.

  2. What he didn't tell you was Bigfoot pounded dat ass and left him by a big juniper dripping and bleeding!

  3. I just got the full scoop on body hit by the car in white hall. It was just a person with a moustache. Easy to mistake for a Bigfoot. Just more Bigfoot Bulls hit. It just never ends. The only thing that you can count on 100% is that there will be no proof ever. Bigfoot doesn't exist.

    1. The real truth is that Rick Dyer hit the Bigfoot with his car and now has the corpse in a warehouse. Look out this is gonna be huge.

    2. "Bigfoot doesn't exist"... Every day of his poor existence. Does anyone know how close he is to making that true?????

      Maybe this is why he needs to convince himself so much.

  4. While he was sitting on Bigfoot's lap he should have told him what he wanted for Christmas.