Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kid Captures Video Of Bigfoot In His Backyard

This video apparently came out in 2009, and the youtube channel NvTV recently published it again. A kid is videoing in his backyard where he had what he believes was a sighting, and captures something interesting in the distance. 


  1. Replies
    1. BILL BROCK will finding BIGFOOT , and get the JOB DONE!!!

    2. 2:07 was joetomi stonereader. He is making horrid accusations against, and tossing out slurs at Matt K. Hopefully he is banned soon. At least dmaker destroyed joetomi today thoroughly. As usual

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    5. Yes indeed, Matt has been receiving numerous emails from Joetomi complaining and threatening to leave if Matt doesnt fully moderate the site. But Matt hates him and laughs at Joetomi getting trolled. The trolls are the only voice of sanityhere. Keep up the good trolling 3:31

    6. I think all of this is quite funny since Joe (iktomi) Fitz ,coined the phrase ,,"TURD"!! ,,,YES FOLK'S !!
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    7. Yet to see anyone challenge the evidence he posts!

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    9. dr squatch is a serial hoaxer

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    11. yep, hes that pathetic. A few years back, he got trolled so bad that he wrote many emails to shawn trying to get moderation. Everyone made up accounts with his name and his same avatar, and he went nuts. In response to trolls he would say: "The complaint is in", meaning he put in a complaint to shawn. It was halarious, as shawn just made fun of him and did nothing

  2. tham bigfoots gits tham dawgs ans chickins all riled up.... heers tham chickins aint layin eggis dang it

  3. sometimes dogman looking like bigfoots so you thinking that's a bigfoot over there but its a DOGMAN

    1. DOGMAN doesn't exist. There is no NEW NORM. Nobody thinks homeless people are Bigfoots. Bill Brock won't get it done. AIMS sucks.

    2. AIMS sucks !!!! Season 4 coming UP : )
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  4. I'm going with staged hoax on this one.