Thursday, November 12, 2015

Joe Beelart On The Oregon Bigfoot Highway

Joe Beelart is a veteran bigfooter and staple of the Pacific Northwest sasquatch community. He's been hitting the woods for 20 years along what is known as the Oregon Bigfoot Highway, and was recently featured in this great article by

Joe Beelart carefully places a red apple on a mossy stump. “We’re going to set out our first offering here.” He performs the same ritual every time he comes out into Mount Hood national forest.

“We used to call it baiting, but now we call it offering. It changed because we started to think of them as more human. An offering seems to make them more responsive to you.”

He and his fellow enthusiasts cite the Hewkin-Sullivan rule, after the adventurers who coined it: on average, it takes a an observer 200 hours on the ground to encounter any new evidence of Bigfoot.

In the past, he put out an apple a month, but the time and expense of camping is a greater burden in retirement. Still, he’s been up eight times in the last year. He’s always mindful that fewer hours mean fewer rewards.

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    1. WHAT???? " it takes a an observer 200 hours on the ground to encounter any new evidence of Bigfoot."
      WHAT??? Just crazy, wasting your time my my videos, bet you can find them in less than an hour!


    2. Who are you Dr Squatch? I don't know if your joking or actually think your an expert. I hate to break it to you but Bigfoot doesn't exist. If you do think your an expert, then your a pathetic turd. Must be easy to be an expert on Bigfoot because you can just make up any crap you want. It's not like there are real experts out there that can shoot you down.

    3. I hate to break it to YOU chump, but there's a reason why you're a frustrated and have to go on such an epic meltdown every day of your life... And it's because you prove nothing.

      The sad truth is, you haven't even the capacity to make something up, not even use other people's arguments, you poor dense twat.

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  2. BILL BROCK will find that BIGFOOT and get the JOB DONE