Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jean St. Jean Talks About His Amazing Cryptid Toyline

Jean St. Jean is a master sculptist and has designed toys and statues for some major companies in his life. He also happens to be a major bigfoot fan, and one of the founding members of the toy company Creatureplica. Jean talks about the company and his line of figures, which includes an awesome version of our favorite cryptid.


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    1. ^ are all going to the fema camps

  2. I want them for christmas !
    Someone buy me one !


    1. Whats wrong with being......Whats wrong with being.....Whats wrong with being Joergicated?

    2. Joe would love a Bigfoot sex doll. It would have a hairy stink hole that laid turds every time you but it's ear.

  3. ...Cool...Anyone else notice the dinosaur on the right? That was Anguirus who fought Godzilla in the first sequel : "Godzilla Raids Again"..It was released in America as Gigantis the Fire Monster...Why in the world did the Amreican distributors fail to put Godzilla in the title? It would have done much better at the box office since the previous years "Godzilla" was a big hit....Strange...By the way, don't think I have a collection of action figures and models from giant monster movies and many dvd's...Cause I dont....And dont think I am hoping Toho releases a DVD with both the American and Japanese versions of Half-Human( A yeti movie made in '54) because I could not care less...