Sunday, November 15, 2015

Check Out The Artwork In This Bigfoot Charity Calendar

ALL proceeds will directly benefit the children at the St. Joseph Children's Home in Louisville, Kentucky. St. Joseph Children's Home treats 40 (on average) of "the most severely abused" children in Kentucky. The children range in age from 5-16 and usually stay in the orphanage 1.5 years receiving treatment before leaving for a suitable foster home. The children rarely return to their biological parents. The home is in need of basic supplies and financial support year-round. Christmas presents are also needed.


  1. Replies
    1. Agreed my friend Iktomi. After much thought ( about 2 seconds ) I decided against sending 50k to the kickstart for the Bigfoot fiasco film from yesterday.

      Now 25 dollars that goes to charity for a Bigfoot calendar of a good Bigfoot Organization, Kentucky Bigfoot is money well spent. I have met the artist Terry and he does some fine work. I see one of the months is just maybe the most friendly Bigfoot one could ever hope to see, that is Mr. Howdy who always has a wave for every one he passes.

    2. You've got to love Anderson County's Mr. Howdy! There's a whitish/grey one waving also, I don't know if he's based on the Carter Cave area's Big John or not. Big John is know for his dumpster diving.

    3. Really? Santa Squatch at 0:55?

  2. I really like a few of those. Nice.

  3. Looks like Fiddler from the old Roots mini-series. I'm just sayin'.