Monday, November 9, 2015

Bigfooting Is Taking Off In Kentucky

Michael Cook of the Kentucky Sasquatch Team has been making the media rounds lately. Cook just got back from the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference in Montana, where he was featured as a guest speaker. Now he's back home, and catching everyone up to date on the future of Kentucky Bigfoot.


  1. I think that bigfoot exist in Kentucky only if you want them to exist.

    1. Yeah, bigfoot only live in the Pacific Northwest.
      That's it. End of story.

      Anyone who tells you that they have seen a bigfoot outside of the Pacific Northwest is either lying or misidentified another animal or witnessed a hoax.

    2. Anyone who tells you that they have seen a Bigfoot anywhere is lying.
      Bigfoot doesn't exist and never has. In 20 years time all these retards will still be on here trying to convince each other that Bigfoot is out there. Even though there will be no body dead or alive they will sit around jerking off over the PGF. If a couple of retards just happened to have a camera on them and film Bigfoot don't you think that 1000s of people all with cameras on them would have got some good footage of Bigfoot. If Bigfoot is so f ucking stealthy, why did it just walk in front of P&G and not even realise they were there. I thought the could detect cameras and know when people are anywhere near them. Maybe Patty appeared from a magical portal I have heard so much about. Why didn't she use her invisibility cloak?

    3. Patterson and Gimlin surprised the bigfoot when they rode their horses behind a downed tree. The bigfoot was behind the root ball.

      Bigfoot are usually only seen is when people surprise them.

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    5. The day circular logic is enough to support the critic's assertion that there is evidence for disproof, is the day they'll lift that heavy burden, but this is the reason 7:16 won't be lecturing in seminars in Universities up and down the country. Now that requires a leap of imagination, if ever required.

      And you want more footage? You see, what a rhetorical twat like you would merely proclaim, is a hoax every time. Also... Who's to say that out of all the countless blobsquatches that have been filmed, that a few of them haven't been real Sasquatch, you? (Offer!) We even have a matching specimen in Leaping Russian Yeti.

      Patty is not an animal in the the same sense as a mountain lion or a bear. She is acting in the same way as you and me would react if we came across say a bear in the wilderness without a gun. There are TOO many more accounts of Bigfoot behaving this way, too many to count in fact, but you would have to have a ten year old's knowledge of the subject to know this. It is almost a Bigfoot cliche in accounting that 'I walked one way and the Bigfoot walked the other', she is merely of an equalled intelligence to us and therefore is actually trying to remove herself from the situation as calmly and as safely as possible with no knee-jerk reactions that would cause panic to the two utterly foreign characters that are imposing themselves on her... You must remember that during this time, you have Bob Gimlin covering Roger Patterson with a gun, and you also have Roger Patterson pointing a camera at her, for all she knew this was a gun also or at least something that could have caused her great harm.

      Now go stuff your face, you ignorant, vile, joke of a man.