Monday, November 16, 2015

Bigfooter Compares Squatching To Fishing

Probably one of the last things you would think of when bigfooting is how much it's like fishing, but youtuber and bigfooter "talkingcryptozoology" makes the connection in this video. But even if it is like fishing in some ways, is there another benefit that can be had?


  1. Replies
    1. Extremely well thought out and articulated. I would have gone with turds though.

    2. . . . and just as in fishing there is always tales of the whopper that got away.

  2. Bigfoot is just like fishing.

    You can reel in the suckers.

  3. I'm so f ucking sick of this s hit. Just go away you bunch of turd f uckers. All I hear all day is turds this turds that. I've had enough, you just make me so f ucking angry. I just want to have an intelligent conversation about a mythical creature that gets hoaxed constantly. Is that to much to ask. I hate all you skeptards. Oh whoops I just got so angry I pooped my pants. It smells so good though. Maybe I just have a little taste. Mmmmmm that's delicious. Might grab a spoon and eat this up. Oh whoops I mean clean it up. My bad sorry. I'm still really angry though.


  4. Really Shawn and Matt? You give the reader a video by a Rick Dyer cohort????