Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bigfoot Investigators See Strange Lights In The Sky

When you're out investigating bigfoot late at night in the middle of nowhere, you get a pretty good look at the night time sky. You can see stars that you've never even knew were up there once you get outside the lights of the city. But sometimes, you might see more than just stars...

From EPIC Voyages Mysteries:
Kevin Cook hosts the microphone for EPIC Voyages Radio and follows Peter Guttilla and Terry Albright on a tracking expedition for Bigfoot only to be met by other paranormal events involving unexplainable hovering lights.


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    1. Those of us who, sadly, have yet to earn our JSPS wonder why the esteemed Dr.Meldrum leaves us floundering. Why has he not dragged bigfoot into the mainstream scientific arena? Why would he not strive to make bigfoot a mainstream concern? Why has he failed so obviously at this task? Why has he failed to even attempt this task? This is what we wonder. Now, once we earn our SPS maybe it will all become clear and we will come to understand that you don't just drag a subject like bigfoot into the mainstream. No. It must be coaxed by subtle publications and by unending fees for appearances and by hosting conferences in South Africa, thousands of miles away from where our beloved subject is purported to exist. Us mere mortals and non phds cannot possibly understand how the path to scientific acceptance of bigfoot does not lie in traditional scientific channels, but in money making venues like publications, conferences and tv shows.

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