Sunday, November 8, 2015

Amazing Texas Photographer Courts Griner Makes Bigfooters Look Good

I've been a fan of Courts Griner's work for awhile now. A Texas photographer with a great eye, and takes some amazing photos. Griner does a lot of work in the underground music scene, but he also has another passion, bigfoot. Courts was recently featured in an article about his photography and his unique subject matter. Check it out:

Speaking of nature and wildlife, Griner’s other ongoing assignment is a particularly riveting one. It is a long running documentary on Bigfoot and the work of the Bigfoot researchers in the North and East Texas regions. This project is based on first hand accounts, technical aspects to the research, and documentary-style video work in the field. It tells the stories of those who spend years trying to solve the mystery of an undocumented bipedal ape species in North America.

Courts says mythos and the unexplained plays a part in his personal, non-client work as well. He says he is influenced by the outdoors, folklore, legend and “anything weird”. Additionally, much of his insight comes from fashion catalogs and other sources. “I really have drawn a lot of image inspiration from movie posters and front covers of first-person shooter video games. Many times if I run across another photographer’s work that I really dig, I may use that technical style of lighting or angle, so I like to check out other photo blogs when I can.”

For the full article, click here.


  1. He's photographed a bigfoot?

  2. How about a legitimate in focus photo of the Big Man himself. So, the best we have is the PG and Freeman photos. It's not too much to ask for a nice clean clear pic. Is it?

    1. LOL. Bigfoot "exists" due to the lack of in focus.