Saturday, October 17, 2015

This Short Bigfoot Horror Film Windigo Revolution Is Scaring A Lot Of People

In the midst of the American Revolution an eccentric man unknowingly provokes a Sasquatch while on a direct mission to deliver an important military document. Hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE!

Directed by Matthew Barber. Screenplay by Nathaniel Barber. Produced by Nathaniel Barber. Executive Producer - Matthew Barber. Music by Juan Carlos Enriquez. Director of Photography- Matthew Barber. Starring Nathaniel Barber, David Barber, and Matthew Barber. Editors -Matthew Barber and Nathaniel Barber. Horse Wrangler - Aaron Choate. Catering - Lisa Riddle. Fog Effects - Ethan Choate, Briar Choate, Pamela Barber, Lisa Riddle. Soloists: Violin - Julia Chalker. Violin - Steve Chiu. Viola - Dan Liu. Cello - Susanna Kwon. Cello - Ro Rowan. Music Editor - Andres Locsey. Recording Engineer - Mert Ozcan.


  1. Replies
    1. 0bama is hiding a secret that has just came out. This is breaking news and effects you.

  2. Ohhhhhh............Myyyyyyyy...........Joergggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe, lets get together with Leon and fantasize about Alaska bush pilots sexy ankles. It will be amazing! You can rub him down with some of your foot butter.

  3. That was really good.I have to admit it made me jump once or twice xx