Sunday, October 25, 2015

Strange Creature Found Dead In River By Fireman

Ok, here's one for the experts. What the heck is this thing? It was found floating in a river, and as of yet no one has been able to identify it. It almost looks like an alien. We know water can do some weird things to a body, but this one has left us stumped. Some people are guessing iguana, but why would an iguana be in this river?


  1. Looks like a floating turd.

    1. looks like you are butthurt.

    2. ^ Mirror,mirror,on the wall...

    3. This thing clearly has humanish arms/hands...I hope we find out!

    4. Astronomers may have found giant alien 'megastructures' orbiting star near the Milky Way

      A star identified by the Kepler Space Telescope may harbour structures which could point to an advanced technological civilisation

    5. Hey Buddy Iktomi. Here is another are where we have different thoughts.

      NASA is full of shit ------------ It's ARTWORK.

      No moon landings, no far Satelites.
      Einstien was wrong, anything they claimed launched using his calculations is BOGUS!

      Look at the last pics of Pluto, and then tell me they got something out millions of light-years. Nah ---------- NASA IS FULL OF SHIT AND PART OF THE COMMING GREAT DICEPTION.

      Ya got the Pope ---- I will Babtize Aliens ---- Oh you will huh? There NEPH, THERE ARE NO ALIENS. Smarter people have been studing from way, way back and they say ----------------------------------- It's Demonic!

      NASA has never given you even one clear undoctored photo of Earth, Nor a video of the earth rotating ------ All fake.

    6. Interesting brother... Shoot me an email.

    7. Troll Kipper and Dicktomi discussing astronomy...hahaha...they know even less about it than bigfoot...and we know all about that nonentity.

      What a laugh...what a pair of jerks.


    8. There is exactly why lktomi (Joe) has no credibility with me. He entertains Dr. Squatch's videos and stick structures as being evidence of Bigfoot and calls Troll Killer's crazy ideas "interesting" (the earth is flat, Bigfoot are Nephilim, evolution is false etc.).

      He realizes these guys are among the few who support him here and he can ill afford to alienate them. So to gather support from lktomi all you have to do is join the Bigfoot church and believe. Hallelujah brothers and sisters - you are now one with the body!

    9. Yet you tackle the scientific evidence I reference with nothing but pure faith that it is not what it is.

      Pseudosceptics are the fundies of science.

      : )

    10. Anon 5:04 is right lktomi. Supporting the crazies does not help your cause.

  2. Makes me think of:

    «The tales thus brought to my notice came mostly through newspaper cuttings; though one yarn had an oral source and was repeated to a friend of mine in a letter from his mother in Hardwick, Vermont. The type of thing described was essentially the same in all cases, though there seemed to be three separate instances involved--one connected with the Winooski River near Montpelier, another attached to the West River in Windham County beyond Newfane, and a third centering in the Passumpsic in Caledonia County above Lyndonville. Of course many of the stray items mentioned other instances, but on analysis they all seemed to boil down to these three. In each case country folk reported seeing one or more very bizarre and disturbing objects in the surging waters that poured down from the unfrequented hills, and there was a widespread tendency to connect these sights with a primitive, half-forgotten cycle of whispered legend which old people resurrected for the occasion.»

    Excerpt from H.P. Lovecraft. «The Essential H.P. Lovecraft Collection.» iBooks.

  3. "In summary, the term cryptozoology, as it has been commonly used, may have been a hindrance to the acceptability by relevant scientists regarding some entities categorized as cryptids. Such categorization has resulted in the treatment of such as subjects unrelated to other biological species. Their pursuit by non- scientists, who have sometimes assigned paranormal attributes to cryptids, may have exacerbated this. Indeed Lorenzo Rossi has lamented how cryptozoology has acquired a reputation for being “the study of fantastic creatures for which no empirical evidence exists.” He notes that “many among the most famous exponents of cryptozoology continue to spread this image...through websites and books with little or no scientific value.” Consequently, it is suggested that the term cryptozoology (and cryptid) be used cautiously and applied sparingly in connection with sasquatch , and other relict hominoids. In particular, it should be determined whether or not there is an actual paucity of evidence supporting the existence of the species in question, or whether the apparent lack of evidence is merely the result of unawareness or misinterpretation of such evidence, as appears to have been the case for the sasquatch for many decades. Increased exposure and dissemination of scholarly treatment of the existing evidence and more methodical documentation and collection of evidence in the field are critical steps in overcoming the preconceptions and ingrained unawareness that prevails."
    John Bindernagel & Jeff Meldrum

  4. Iguana.
    They are very popular pets (available at any pet store for around 15 dollars). They quickly outgrow cages, people let 'em loose, and they die in the colder climate. I owned one of these once and this is one. My neighbor also had one. It got loose and they found it frozen (and dead) in a tree.

  5. It's an Iguana and why was it in the river? Well maybe it died in a tree near the river and fell out of it when it died. Lots of reasons how it could of ended up in the river.. DUH!!!

  6. What is the white looking skull object that is to the left of the "iguana" toward the end of the video when the guy has the lizard's head raised with a stick? Any thoughts?