Sunday, October 25, 2015

Man Tries To Pull Prank And Comes Face To Face With A Bigfoot

Be sure to check out the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast later tonight when Wes has a man on that came face to face with a sasquatch outside a porta-potty. Most likely the man soon had to use the porta-potty after his up close and personal encounter.


  1. I get a kick out of the ISF footers rejoicing over their latest victory. The only thing their hero Alaskabushpilot "proved' with his latest round of photos is that he's a pathological liar with rotten teeth who lives in a homemade shack.

    1. ^ this guy has an extremely small circle of friends now...due to his repetitive conversation...what a jerk.

    2. What's up with that poster over there named "Drewbot" who goes nuts anytime anybody even remotely questions Bushpilot's lies ? Is that his wife ?

    3. My apologies 2:14. The trolls we get here are dim as fuck. We are trying to trade them in but no one will take them.

    4. I don't frequent the ISF but you have me curious - could you link where this Alaskabushpilot has these photos. I would like to see them. Thanks.

    5. ^ All I hear is crickets!