Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Indiana Man Comes Forward With His Alien Abduction Story

An Indiana man came forward looking for help, after experiencing what he claims was an alien abduction years ago as a child, reports Cryptozoologynews.com.

I was six years old in 1979, and I was in bed approx 9 pm. At approx 2-am a bright light flashed through the window and the next thing I know I was being lifted by a bright beam of light and was lifted up out a a window that was securely closed and shut. I knew it wasn't normal and I didn't know anything about UFO's and I knew something was taking me up into the sky. I felt scared and I thought I was never going to go back home. I tried to look back at my sister and ask her for help but I was paralyzed. I felt helpless. I went blank and woke up in a bed, in a pod with a filmy waxy, rubber cover. I tore open the cover, I felt like there was no gravity, floating, I looked around and seen many other pods. I could see other beings inside the pods. I grabbed onto the edge of this pod, and everything went black. When I did wake up I was very sick and taken to the hospital because I was throwing up and had a fever over 100. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and kept in the hospital for approx 3 weeks. There is no explanation for this event that happened to me. I feel that this event has effected me to the present day. I believe I would have to undergo hypnosis or something to this effect to actually remember. Thank you and please help me.

You can read more about the incident here.


  1. Reality comes in many forms.

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  2. I feel sorry for these abduction individuals, but their maybe something they can do as many times these events will happen again and again. I recommend getting a large breed extremely smart dog that will sleep in your bedroom.

    The movie Fire in the Sky was a chilling account. I always find truth far more interesting than science fiction. If one wants to see a great account of this view a 90 minute episode of Paranormal Witness first aired in Nov. 2013 I think. The whole event still effects every one of the 7 people involved to this day. They all passed lie detector tests that the Sheriff had administered at the time and then again just a few years ago. Travis Walton tours the country, many at MUFON Events and speaks about the events and just trying to make since of it.