Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bigfoot Scares Campers In Virginia Follow Up

A bigfoot encounter can happen to anyone. It doesn't have to be someone who believes in bigfoot, or is out looking to have an encounter. Sometimes it happens to completely unsuspecting people and changes their lives forever. Such was the case with the above group of people when they were visited by something near their camp throwing rocks and banging on trees with sticks. The ECBRO investigates:

It was around 7:54pm and I was left alone at camp as my wife & brother went up to the store not long after being alone at camp I started hearing knocking real close behind the camp, something was hitting wood on a tree, and there was no other campers in this secluded area, so curiously being a smart ass I knocked back and got responses, it really has the hair on the back of my neck standing especially being so close.

Well some time went by and my wife and brother returned and we were eating when it happened again and then unexpectedly Rock(s) came flying into camp and one went over top of my wife’s head into the fire pit.

Scaring the living day lights out of my wife she dropped her bowl of chilly and ran to the car with,me following, after driving up to the store my wife said I know someone who deals with bigfoot, “BIGFOOT” was nothing I believed in at all, until this very night because: I know bears do not do tree knocks , and I know they can’t throw rocks……So we stayed in the service range area till we reached the ECBRO.

The witnesses were concerned about returning back to their camp site and while on the phone they asked me what they should do…..Quote I told them it will be ok, they are intimidating you to leave out of their territory but will not harm you, I know these squatches from the research both I and my team have done in this area. This is one of the ECBRO’s main research hot zones, encounters, sightings, and more have we all experienced here.

For the full write up about this possible bigfoot encounter, click here. 


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